LG Ventilation System - Heating Ventilation Recovery

LG Ventilation System Ventilation

Setting new standards in Ventilation Systems

The LG Ventilation System is an innovative new ventilation product that eliminates odour, filters out harmful allergens and removes condensation

The LG Ventilation System uses the existing energy within your home to retain the warm or cool air in your home for an all round healthy fresh climate all year round.

The benefits of the LG Ventilation System

Anti Condensation

The LG Ventilation System forces out the stale moist air that causes problem condensation and damp conditions, replacing it with clean dry air.

Allergy Relief

The LG Ventilation System greatly reduces the concentration of airborne dust mites and allergens which may provide real relief to asthma sufferers.


One LG Ventilation System ventilates homes to a maximum of 350m² and provides even heat or cool air distribution from a single or multi-vent supply.

Recycles lost heat

Warm air is recovered from within the house and recycled back into the house resulting in reduced heating costs.

Why you should ventilate your home

Normal family life generates considerable moisture from activities such as:

  • Cooking: 3 litres per day
  • Showers and baths: 1.5 litres per day
  • Body respiration and perspiration: 1-2 litres per day per person(BRANZ).

With this level of moisture generation combined with current home construction, relative humidity levels (airborne moisture) can increase dramatically. This causes condensation and produces a home that ultimately becomes harder to heat and makes insulation less effective.

The LG Ventilation System is a true heating, recovery and Ventilation System, utilising the air in your entire home to fliter and distribute clean warm or cool air. If you want a healthy home with a genuine Ventilation System that redistributes warm air and cool air within your home, look no further than the LG Ventilation System.

How It Works...

LG Ventilation System air filteration

LG's exclusive filteration system

The LG Ventilation System supplies fresh outdoor air to the house while expelling stale indoor air - which can contain moisture, animal hair, dust and other pollutants.

LG Ventilation System CORE

Innovative technology

At the heart of the LG Ventilation System is a heat exchanger (often called a "core") where exhaust air flows next to, but separate from, supply air. Here the cold incoming air is warmed by the heated outgoing air, recovering heat that would otherwise be lost.

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